Welecom To DotsTerrainGrid

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    DotsTerrainGrid is a terrain-specific run-time solution that effectively reduces the render batch and the total number of render vertices, and improves the running efficiency.All of the features provided are intended for runtime and are available out of the box and all you have to do is just add a conversion script.

    main features:

    1. Support for the Dots1.2 version is provided.

    2. Increase or reduce part of the terrain height during runtime.You can choose the sizes and different shapes of the influence range.Support Animation.

    3. Runtime divides the terrain into the same size unit grid.All the terrain grids uses the same mesh automatically generated by the program, so the theoretical memory consumption of a single grid is zero.

    4. Configurable mesh LOD.configuring LOD effectively reduces the total number of rendered vertices on the screen at the same time.

    5. The mesh itself contains skirt edges, which are used to eliminate possible terrain cracks by switching the LOD grid.

    6. Use a sampling scheme based on vertex-pixel alignment.The vertex normals and positions are directly written to the sampling texture through the forecast calculation to avoid the real-time calculation of the normals.

    7. Shader All content is made through shadergraph, which means that it is very easy to modify and customize, and you can add personalized content to that basis.

    8.You can choose a mix based on the height of the material map.

    9. Support for the Dots Physics. This scheme uses Mesh Collider to achieve precise collisions of the terrain.

    10.Generate or fill holes in the terrain at runtime.Holes are generally used to produce underground worlds such as tunnels.The system handles the colliders synchronously when the holes are generated or filled.

    11. One mixing layer can be directly replaced as another layer at runtime.

    12. Limitations: tree transformation. Make sure that all the Prefab features of the tree used by the terrain support conversion to Entity.

    13.Support for the SubScene bake conversion process.